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Transform Aggressive Urges into Healing

Shift the way you view anger and aggression and look beyond the surface behaviour to understand what children may be trying to communicate to us. 

Learn therapeutic strategies for guiding aggressive urges into healing play, laughter or tears that can be applied within any safe, loving relationship with children. 

This workshop is run live online or in person for parents, educators or other professionals seasonally and on special request. Email us to find out more or purchase access to the last workshops recording below;


Introduction to Attachment Play

We spend so much time telling children they need to step up into our world, to verbally communicate feelings and remember our rules, but why don’t we take the time to step into their world?

Play is their world. Play is how your children communicate. Play is how your children process their experiences. Play is how your children express their feelings.

Sure, boundaries, choices, and alll the other parenting tips have their time and place. But if we have tried all that and nothing is really seeming to shift – we need to go deeper.

Whether you are trying to elicit more cooperation from your child, strengthen your connection or support them to resolve and heal stress and trauma (i.e. what underpins sooo many of those daily behaviour challenges) – Attachment Play can support you and your child.


Find the Whole Child Through Play

Step back and see the bigger view of play from the holistic lens of three professionals. Hannah (counsellor and Aware Parenting instructor), Cath (Occupational Therapist) and Gill (Early Childhood Educator) each take turns to share their unique perspectives and expertise on early years play.

Whether you are an educator, parent, home educator or other professional, this workshop will expand your view of play and give you the knowledge you need to advocate for the play based learning your heart already knows children need.

Purchase provides you 3 weeks access to the workshop and downloadable supporting content.


Nature Play with Cath Fitz OT

Join Hannah Warren (Counsellor and Aware Parenting Instructor) and Cath Fitzhardinge (Occupational Therapist and Nature Space Consultant) and discover some of the evidence about why nature play and outdoor play is so beneficial for our kid’s development.

 We share some practical ideas about how you can create an outdoor play space, and what you can be looking for and doing when you are spending time outdoors with your kids to promote your child’s development, connection to nature, and joy!