and transform the parenting experience

and transform the parenting experience

I know you believe in the benefits of play in the early years – but perhaps you find yourself unsure exactly how it is beneficial, or feel yourself falling into old paradigm beliefs surrounding what learning “should” look like. 

To the mama’s consumed by the screen-time guilt, overwhelmed by the plethora of parenting guidance out there and to be honest, just wanting your kids to play so you can tend to the baby or maybe even finish that cup of tea before it goes cold – I see you. 

Transform the way you view those tricky behaviours and step into an expanded experience of play.

If you are ready to foster a deep TRUST in the process of play for healing, connection and growth for you and your children, then you are in the right place..


The online course to support parents, carers, educators and other professionals advocate for an expanded version of play

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I’m Hannah. Counsellor and Mother to two. My journey with play started as a child in rural New Zealand – nature play wasn’t a trending hashtag yet but we did a lot of it. I have rich experiences of a life outdoors and a freedom to create, build and explore. Like lots of us, we become disconnected with our playfulness when we become adults, but this was rekindled when I found play therapy within my role as a counsellor. Following the birth of my daughter, this passion for play grew stronger. I wasn’t living rurally and my children didn’t have access to vast open space everyday, yet I knew the benefits of play and was determined to find ways to prioritise and encourage deep, imaginative play in our everyday lives (I also needed to encourage independent play for my sanity as a mama too!).

My passion is to merge the worlds of therapeutic play and parenting to empower parents to prioritise play in their homes and hearts. To help parents and educators deeply understand and trust the role play has in the unfolding of children’s developmental blueprint.

A life that is playful is one that supports the needs of the whole child – and can truly shift the parenting or teaching experience too. I invite you to join us on this journey, one that is far more that just a course, it is a movement.


01: Clearing guilt, healing our own play imprints and setting intention

02: Becoming a grounded advocate by understanding your child’s development and the evidence for play to meet the needs of the whole child

03: Fostering deep connection, the role of attachment and our role in guiding play

04: Curating a holistic play space no matter the size of your home

05: Becoming a curious play observer and play ally, living a child-centred life

Raising play really transformed how I looked at my child’s play overall. I went into the course wanting to support my child’s learning through play, but also to improve his independent play. I got this and so so much more from the course. With Hannah’s background in counselling and Play Therapy, this course facilitated my deep dive into my own family values and a holistic approach to parenting overall. I’m now fascinated by my child’s play and feel confident in facilitating this to support his overall wellbeing.
Hannah has completely altered my definition of play and how I can use it to connect with my children but also support their development.

Alex Emms

Raising Play Member, Mother + Teacher

Raising Play has ever so gently reminded me of how my childhood (and adulthood) was shaped by play. Hannah shared so many thoughtful and practical ways to support my children to thrive in a much faster paced environment by embracing the importance of child led free play. Her explanations of child development and play theories help to make sense of the complexities of child behaviours, which in turn, makes it that little bit easier to manage the more challenging moments of parenthood. It was also a joy to connect with other parents, learning together and sharing ideas.

Cath Fitzhardinge

Raising Play Member, Mother + Occupational Therapist


Lifetime access to the course – learn at your own pace!

Five modules with actionable video lessons

Workbooks, journal prompts and printables

30-day money back guarantee


When does the course start?
You have instant access to all materials once you enrol. Once you are a Raising Play member you have lifetime access to the course content, Facebook support group and you can attend any live calls from future enrolment rounds too!
How long will the course take to complete?
Each module is made up of three video lessons and supporting exercises. It is realistic to complete one module a fortnight. However, you will have lifetime access to the course to complete it when life allows you to.
What age children is the course for?
This course is best suited to parents or educators with children ages 0-8 years of age.
What if I don’t have Facebook?
That’s okay! You will still of course have access to all of the course content and any live calls are held on Zoom. Being a part of the community within Facebook is a great way to build connection and seek support from others on the same journey, but it isn’t an essential part of completing the course.
I don’t live in Australia, does that matter?
You can complete this course anytime and from any location around the world. I will always do my best to schedule live calls for a time that everyone can attend – but if you can’t attend live you can always watch the replay at a time that suits you.
Do I need a computer to complete the course? What about a printer?
The course videos can be watched from your phone using an app. It is helpful for some to print the workbooks, but these can be accessed and completed digitally from your phone too.
I am an educator not a parent, is this course still for me?
Yes! The content will refer to parents but it is still worthwhile and meaningful learning for educators too!
Can I get a certificate of completion?
Absolutely. Just send us an email at hello@childhoodrising.com.au

I have another question!

Please feel encouraged to email me at hello@childhoodrising.com.au or send me a direct message on Instagram or Facebook (@childhood.rising). There are no silly questions and I will authentically support you to know whether this course is right for you or not.