Bring the power of play home

The 4 week Attachment Play Group Program

for early 2024 enrolments

Transform your relationship with your child

Resolve behaviour concerns

Unlock your inner capacity for facilitating healing through play

An approach that is payfully different

Most approaches to parenting tend to focus on what to do (or not do) in the moment.

👉 Just set stronger boundaries.

👉 Offer them choices

👉 Make sure you are calm

👉 Are you reflecting their feelings?

…… Then they will just cooperate, right ?!

We spend so much time telling children they need to step up into our world, to verbally communicate feelings and remember our rules, but why don’t we take the time to step into their world?

Play is their world.

Play is how your children communicate.

Play is how your children process their experiences.

Play is how your children express their feelings.

Sure, boundaries, choices, and alll the other parenting tips have their time and place. But if we have tried all that and nothing is really seeming to shift – we need to go deeper.

Play is your child’s natural language

Just like us adults usually use words to share our feelings and talk about things that have happened for us, children will use play. Toys act as the words and play forms the language. It is a language we once knew! You can relearn it to connect with, understand and support your child.

To better understand play, is to better understand your child

Before children are able to make behavioural change, they need to feel heard and accepted. I’m sure us adults feel the same, right? By better understanding play and what you’re child is already trying to communicate with you, you can better understand your child; their needs, their feelings and their desires. We focus on you and your child’s strengths and the relationship, not the problem.


To use play with purpose, is to parent with purpose

Once you see the play (aka see your child), you can use play with intention and purpose to meet the unique needs of your child. Whether thats in-the-moment play to elicit cooperation or intentional therapeutic play time to address unhealed stress and trauma driving behaviour, this program will equip you will the knowledge and skills to embrace play into your parenting – without it needing to feel like yet another things to add to your to-do list.


I’m Hannah. Play Therapist, Certified Aware Parenting Consultant, Mother and advocate for PLAY.

I’m on a mission to make sure kids everywhere get to experience the therapeutic value and pure joy of play

In my role as a Play Therapist I have seen a gap between those children who are able to access Play Therapy services, and the need to get the powers of therapeutic play into the lives of more children.

When I found Attachment Play, I had that “this is the thing!” moment.

Whether you are trying to elicit more cooperation from your child, strengthen your connection or support them to resolve and heal stress and trauma (i.e. what underpins sooo many of those daily behaviour challenges) – Attachment Play can support you and your child.

This play has been truely transformative for my personal parenting and the parents I work with. I can’t wait for you to witness the transformation too.

You will discover:

☼ The nine different types of atatchment play, when to use them and why

☼ How to engage in play with you child in a way that is therapeutic, connection building and grounded in research. I will quite literally be teaching you some of the soft skills used in Play Therapy, for you to implement at home.

☼ Explore your personal feelings about play with your child and be supported to overcome these using Childhood Rising’s propritary model ‘The Play Arcetypes’.

☼ Opportinities for practice and integration of the skills being taught. You have access to me via Voxer messaging for the duration of the program to privately ask questions.

☼ Lots of self-reflection and an intimate group of supportive parents. Feel held and heard while similtanesously exicted by the transformation I know Attachment Play will bring your family.

The Transformation

☼ Strengthen Attachment and Connection: transform your relationship and foster shared joy

☼ Resolve Common Behaviour Concerns: through this playful approach that helps to elicit cooperation in the moment, and deeper healing of stress and trauma that allows your child to access their innately cooperative self.

☼ Become a Space Holder for Healing through Play: discover how to engage in play so that is unlocks the socially and emotionally therapeutic components from home.

☼ Unlock your Capacity for Playfulness: through a combination of skills based exercises and invitations for deep reflection and healing.

☼ Connect with other parents: this program provides a community for parents to connect with each other, share experiences, and support each other on their parenting journey.

☼ Access expert guidance: Your program is led by an experienced and knowledgeable Play Therapist and Aware Parenting Instructor (certified by the Aware Parenting Institute USA) who can provide guidance and support to parents.

What if I find play hard? Does this mean I need to play with my kids more than I already do?!

I see you.

Maybe you have been trying to play with your child but also harbouring some guilt about not being able to be truly present in those moments. Your mind is racing with whatever is coming next. The to-do list is never ending. 

Or maybe you’re also feeling pretty burnt out by play right now. The “will you play with me” requests never seem to stop. Or maybe you have been asked to play ‘Babies’ everyday for the past year and imaginary play just makes you twitch.

👉 It might even be feeling like no matter how much or how long you play with your child, it never seems to be enough.

Whether you are finding play hard, or you are the kid at heart who soaks up any opportunity for play, you will be held and supported for exactly where you are at, right now.

We explore your current relationship with play and tailor the approaches depending on where you are at.

The Program Structure

✹ Four weekly 90 minute live calls (60 minutes of program content, an additional 30 minutes for questions)

✹ Recordings of the weekly call uploaded within 24 hours for those not able to attend live

✹ Simple, achievable activities and tasks to complete outside of the workshop to practice and embody the learnings

✹ Additional PDF workbooks

✹ 1:1 message support for the duration of the 4 week program

✹ A maximum of 20 people in the group, a minimum of 5 needed to run the program

✹ A bonus 30 minute 1:1 session if you attend all four live calls (value $90)

Week One: Emotional Safety and Intro to Attachment Play

Monday 06/11/23 10:00am AWST/ 1:00pm AEDT:

What is Attachment Play and Aware Parenting

The 3 reasons for misbehaviour

Understanding and using our child’s innate mechanisms for emotion release and healing

How to create emotional safety and listen to feelings

Week Two: Child Centred Play

Monday 13/11/23 10:00am AWST/ 1:00pm AEDT:

How to use Child Centred Play (aka ‘Special Play Time) and what it is useful for

What your role in is this play (how to remain child led and engaged)

Week Three: When it Feels Hard to Play with you Child + Limit Setting

Monday 20/11/23 10:00am AWST/ 1:00pm AEDT:

Understanding your Play Archetypes (the challenges and strengths you face when playing with your child)

How to set Therapeutic Limits inside and outside of play

Week Four: The Remaining 8 Styles of Attachment Play

Monday 27/11/23 10:00am AWST/ 1:00pm AEDT:

The remaining 8 styles of Attachment Play, how to use them and why

Attachment Play for eliciting cooperation as well as intentionally choosing the play your child needs to overcome stress and trauma

Lots of time for personal questions and collaboration on what Attachment Play will be best suited for you right now

I know what you might be thinking..

It is a big investment for me and my family right now..

This is a big one and I totally respect that everyone has varying financial situations, especially so in current times. I have created a payment plan option that allows you to make 3 monthly payments. If you need to discuss other payment options please email me at hello@childhoodrising.com.au

I have a neurodiverse child and I am unsure if this course is for me

This program is aimed at neurotypical children however, there is an evidence base for parent involvement in play alongside sensitive, warm caregiving and an positive social and emotional outcomes for Autistic Children and Children with ADHD. The decision to join this program should always be made in consideration of your own unique needs, challenges and existing supports. My approach is neuroaffirming and you are welcome to join.

I feel like I have tried everything, the ‘gentle parenting’ tricks just don’t seem to work, how do I know this is any different?

I hear you and how challenging things have been for you. The reality is neither you or I can tell you if this is going to be different. There is a strong evidence base for attachment based interventions and the use of play plus I have been witness to the transformations myself – I pour my heart into this work and just ask that those attending show up with the same level of openness and commitment and I trust you will soon see the transformation too.

What toys do I need to have?

Attachment Play does not require you to have a designated play room or any specific toys. The approach allows you to make use of the toys or resources you already have and builds your internal capacity and skills for engaging in play that shows your child acceptance, warmth and joy. You will be asked to bring along a few toys to some of the workshops if you wish to engage in role plays – however even your office stationary can be used as resources for imaginary play!

I’m not ready yet, will you be running this program again?

Yes! The plan is to run this program twice a year however I am yet to set dates for the next round and the current pricing may increase.


Speaking with Hannah was such an incredible turning point for our family. Not only did Hannah put me at complete ease sharing my experience but she was understanding, supportive, warm and willing to offer practical advice. Our beautiful two year old has always been very determined and knows what he wants and having some framework and useful tips have made a huge difference in how my husband and I approach parenting. I highly recommend getting in touch with Hannah. I felt so much lighter and more equipped to deal with the everyday of being a parent after our one-on-one session. It’s wonderful to be able to enjoy spending time with my son rather than being apprehensive about what the day will bring. Thank you Hannah. 

1:1 Consultation

Talking with Hannah about my daughter was a great experience. Hannah helped me with some specific scenarios that had arisen for us, and also really helped me to shift my perspective on her emotional needs when her emotions suddenly change. Hannah’s play suggestions for supporting my daughter have been really helpful. I felt supported and seen as a parent and more capable of responding to my daughter’s needs and feelings.

1:1 Consultation