Play is Healing

Play is Healing

Child Centred Play Therapy in South Fremantle.

Child Centred Play Therapy in South Fremantle.

Why Play Therapy?

 “Inside every child there is a story that needs to be told”  – Winnicott


Like adults use words to communicate their feelings and experiences, children use play. Play Therapy provides children a safe space to express and process their story.

Play Therapy is beneficial for lots of children, experiencing a range of difficulties including anxiety, aggression, anger, after experiencing stress and trauma or children with ASD or ADHD. Contact us and we can discuss if Play Therapy is right for you and your child. 

We use Child Centred Play Therapy to build a safe, therapeutic relationship with children where we follow them in leading their own healing. Children build their sense of self, gain greater self-control, build social skills and are supported to develop a belief in themselves they will carry for a lifetime.

We work closely with parents and carers to give you the support you need too, combining my parenting knowledge as a certified Aware Parenting Instructor. You will be regularly updated regarding your child’s progress towards their therapeutic goals and supported with ways to continue to enrich your child’s healing at home.

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Play Therapy is offerred from our welcoming play room located at 243 South Terrace, South Fremantle.

If you are interested in receiving such services, please provide your contact details below and we will contact you with more information including our fee schedule.

meet the therapist.

Hannah has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Human Development. Hannah has worked with  children and families in a variety of settings, including counselling, for 11 years. She has extensive experience providing the following services: individual counselling work with children, directive and non-directive; group work with families; individual support and consultation for parents, carers and professionals. Hannah is also a certified Aware Parenting Consultant.

Hannah has a valid First Aid Certificate, Police Clearance and Working with Childrens Check (WWCC).

Hannah has completed the Advanced Clinical Training Program in Child Centred Play Therapy (CCPT) with Play Therapy Training Australia. Hannah has Associate Membership status with Play Therapy Practitioners Association (PTPA).

We accept NDIS funding for both self-managed and plan-managed clients. 

Read more more asbout NDIS funding here.

We accept NDIS funding for both self-managed and plan-managed clients. 

Read more more asbout NDIS funding here.


Can I attend Play Therapy Sessions with my Child?

Play Therapy is a safe, confidential space for your child to share their experiences and feelings and it is intended that your child attends alone. However, ensuring that you and your child feel safe is always my first priority. If your child is nervous about attending alone, we plan for a slow and gentle separation where you are able to attend play therapy sessions together initially, until your child find safety in the relationship with their play therapist and feels confident to attend alone. 

Do both parents need to consent to Play Therapy?

Yes, our preference is that both parents sign consent for Play Therapy sessions to occur. In instances where there is a court order, Play Therapy cannot occur without the signed consent of both legal guardians. We can offer separate initial parent consultations, inital consultations via Zoom and e-signing in order to obtain the legal consent needed in the safest way possible. 

Will you tell me what happens in Play Therapy sessions with my child?

Play Therapy is confidential and we therefore do not tell you about the specifics of your child’s play during these sessions, unless there is a safety concern. We do however share milestones and progress towards goals with you, by sharing our insights into the play therapy process and themes presenting for your child. 

How many sessions will my child need to attend?

Each child, family and their background is so different so we do not prescribe a set number of sessions. Some children may benefit from shorter-term, intensive Play Therapy, some children may need longer-term play therapy, especially in the instance of trauma. This will be further discussed with you in your initial session.

How much does it cost?

Please email us at hello@childhoodrising.com.au to get a copy of our latest fee schedule.

What about if my child has to miss school to attend Play Therapy appointments?

We really hear the importance of school for your child, we simultaneously value the importance of any child’s mental health needs. With your signed consent, we are able to provide a letter to your child’s school advising of their Play Therapy sessions, and/or work closely with their school teacher to choose a time of the day that least interfers with their learning.