transform angry urges into healing play

 Do you feel like you are in the deep right now, struggling to find ways to support your child who is hitting, yelling or screaming at what seems the drop of a hat?

Keeping your cool and responding to your child in a way that feels good is hard when your child is hitting or yelling. Maybe their anger has been directed at siblings and you are fearing for the safety of everyone involved. Maybe you have tried setting limits and all of the gentle parenting tricks and nothing feels like it is working. You feel frustrated, burnt out and the end result can be you yelling and engaging in the very behaviours you are trying to resolve.

Let’s come together as a community of adults walking alongside children who are all experiencing a similar thing. I will support you to better understand why your child’s aggressive behaviours, give you strategies to use in the moment as well as therapeutic play techniques for supporting deep emotional healing and connection with you child.

This 1 hour workshop includes an additional 30 minutes for your personal questions to get answered too.

Join us and lets pave a new way forward using the power of play.

60 minute online workshop + Q&A

Access to the recording for 14 days

A downloadable workbook for self-reflection + learning

*all ticket purchases include access to the replay whether you are able to attend live or not

You will discover:

  • What your child’s behaviour is trying to communicate to you
  • The physiological functions for emotion release
  • The difference between aggressive behaviours and healthy emotion expression
  • How to create emotional safety and listen to feelings
  • What therapeutic play you can be using to support you child to heal from the effects of stress and trauma


What if I can’t attend live?

That’s okay! The workshop recording will be made avaliable to all ticket holders within 24 hours after the workshop ends, via email. You will have 14 days to watch the replay.

I am not a parent but an Educator/Teacher, is this workshop still for me?

Yes! We love to get this information into the hands of all adults walking alongside children.

What age children is this helpful for?

This workshop will be targeted at supporting children aged 1-8.

Is this workshop suitable for parents of neurodivergent children?

The workshop is not tailored specifically to neurodivergent children and parents and all support decisions should always be made in the context of your unique family circumstances and existing supports. However, approaches such as Attachment Play are still beneficial and neurodivergent and neurotypical families are welcomed.

Do I need a computer?

No, the live workshop will be hosted on Zoom (you can access this via the app on your phone) and the workshop recording is also accessible from mobile.

Have another question? Email us at hello@childhoodrising.com.au