about us.

Childhood Rising was founded in 2022 with the mission to support and unite parents, carers, educators and other professionals journeying alongside children with one shared intention – to raise childhood wellbeing.

We celebrate diversity and draw from strengths-based approaches to working. We draw on the evidence-based and trauma informed approaches to supporting families, including Play Therapy and Aware Parenting.

We advocate for safe and connected relationships, non-punitive discipline, the therapeutic value of play and ways that children can heal from stress and trauma.

We advocate for the power of reflective practice, we encourage and challenge our clients to deeply reflect on their on parenting, practice, growth and difficulties and support them to find empowered confidence, strength and motivation in their daily lives alongside children.

We believe in the inherent wholeness, competence and contribution children have to offer to this world, and believe the same to be true about the adults we work with too.

Our mission

Childhood Rising cultivates and empowers communities through evidence-based, trauma-informed supports and services for parents, educators and other people living and working alongside children.

We work therapeutically with children through Play Therapy while simultaneously supporting the adults in their lives.

Our vision

Childhood Rising collectively raises the wellbeing of children by celebrating childhood and advocating for connected and cooperative relationships.

We provide space for children to guide their own healing through play, and give adults to skills to use play therapeutically at home or school too.

Our values

Find strength in collaboration

Act with compassion

Connection through authenticity

Dedicated to advocacy

Prioritising Inclusivity

Practicing with safety

meet the team.

Hannah Mushet

Hannah Mushet

Director, Play Therapist + Aware Parenting Instructor

Hannah is a certified Aware Parenting Instructor, Play Therapist, and Mother of two. She is also the passionate owner of Childhood Rising.

  • BSocSci (Psychology and Human Development)
  • Member of the Play Therapy Practitioners Accociation (PTPA)
  • Certified Aware Parenting Consultant with The Institue of Aware Parenting.
Jess Demetrious

Jess Demetrious

Parenting Consultant

Jess is trained in Counselling and Mental Health Education and has a special interest in childhood anxiety and highly sensitive children. She is a Mother to two and passionate about about her work supporting families.

  • BAppSocSci (Counselling)
Lesley Richards

Lesley Richards

Social Worker + Parenting Consultant

Lesley is a Social Worker, family advocate and a mother of two children. She has a special interest in family emotional health & wellbeing and over 20 years experience in the human services sector.

  • BSocWk
  • Registered Social Worker with the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW)

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